Taurus May 2017

Taureans Focus On Growth And Development Immediately

Great news for those born is Taurus and those who are ruled by Venus and also a beloved earth sign. Taurus sets so many of us free this month from the long and enduring shackles from this very arduous Mercury retrograde we have been in since it’s cusp on March 27th. Despite the fact that we are still in its slow moving shadow, we will be freed from its grip by the powerful bull which is pushing all the archetype and personal planets to its original status which will rule us all for the next seven months. If it would not be for Taurus and its ruler Venus, just as Taurus ends and Gemini begins, we can all now rest a little easier as Taurus rules the universe in prompt changes that began when Taurus first came into ascension on April 20th. The Scorpio Full Moon on May 10th, finally brought those in Taurus relief from a very dismal start to this year as a whole especially in the regions of finances and romance. During the course of this week, you will see rapid changes that you might have once thought were not in your best interests. Those in Taurus were put on hold to better organize thoughts and practices that did not work for you in 2016.  Since Taurus is considered that Alpha sign between Aries and Gemini we often look towards the awesome strength and “no-frills” Taurus for answers to complex problems. Since Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, Taureans focus on growth and development immediately, and even though they can succumb to procrastination, it never lasts for long as they are driven by fortitude and success. Taureans are passionate people one way or another, and that is why my dear Taureanians, that you will find 2017 one of the best years for you in possibly decades. Since Venus rules your desire for sex and romance, 2017 will not disappoint if you remember to get rid of the baggage of past failed relationships. That includes other’s that have put your desires and aspirations on hold.

Great news for those born is Taurus and those who are ruled by Venus and also a beloved earth sign


Venus Has Always Had An Undying Love For Those In Taurus

Now that we are still in the beginning stages of spring and summer, let your inner conflicts go, and replace them with the very planet that symbolizes you… Venus! Through the ages and even in retrograde, Venus has always had an undying love for those in Taurus. She shelters you, warms your passions, and is the vanguard when Taurus misbehaves, finds loneliness, in conflict, or loses sight and direction. With Venus having a very strong ruling power throughout this year, turn to her for the guidance you will need, and she will richly reward you. Every sign in the Zodiac loves when Venus is passing into their Zodiacal realms because it stirs passion and the desire to be loved. I would strongly recommend this year especially that you have Rose Quartz somewhere on your nightstand as this is one of your luckiest stones along with Emeralds in jewelry. These stones have powerful results for those in Taurus as well as Lapis Lazuli.

Taurus Should Expect Many Twist And Turns In The Months To Come

Health matters this year only require routine maintenance if you are not subjected to chronic illnesses. Since those is Taurus sometimes experience problems relating to ears, neck and throat, and salivary glands, keep a healthy check in these areas should health issues arise.
Career matters are always a concern for those in Taurus because they are always looking for better circumstances especially in finances. If you are considering changing positions, hold off a little while until you are in Gemini next month so that you are sure of these opportunities. The biggest problems those in Taurus have with themselves, is finding the right terms for them. Let your inner wisdom and psyche flow and try not to be harsh on yourselves this year and you will do just great! In closing, those in Taurus should expect many twist and turns in the months to come, but they will always benefit you in the long run in ways unimaginable right now. If you stay focused on what pleases you first and foremost, the rest will come very easy for you.