Part 2 of 2

Radical Changes

In part two of this astrological report and update, I will be covering the discussions and debates during my forum meetings with 68 members of our collective organization that members of the UFMC (United Federation of Metaphysical Counselors) held last weekend covering two of the subject matters that were of the greatest concerns collectively. Many of us in our profession knew that the 21st century within the first 20 years would be defining years for the entirety of mankind. We knew that political and social upheaval would also be defined within the first 17 years of the “terrible teens” of this century. Most importantly here in the United States within the last decade, we knew that radical changes allowing social and political upheaval to encroach in our society would have dire consequences that would lead to evolutionary and revolutionary changes that would indeed divide this great nation, and by all accounts, our fears have come into fruition. Anyone over the age of 40 knows that this is not the society we belonged to, or expected.

As in many astrological points in history, we often find ourselves in a forensic place and time astrologically as our planets like the seasons are reliable sources of events past, and to come.

Are We In The Same Astrological Point As We Were In October 1962

The number one topic of discussion by raised concerns of our clients, (and especially those who are well versed in astrology) are the many astrological reports that are claiming we are in the same astrological point in October of this year as we were in in October of 1962. As in many astrological points in history, we often find ourselves in a forensic place and time astrologically as our planets like the seasons are reliable sources of events past, and to come. This year is no exception. The Cuban missile crisis in October of 1962 plunged the world in dread as a 13 days stand-off with the Soviet Union (October 16-28, 1962) escalated into a near nuclear crisis between both super powers. This was the closest the United States ever came to a full-scale nuclear war. Astrologically speaking, yes we are in the same assembly of planets this month and year. The big difference now, is that unlike the events taking place in 1962 between the U.S. and the then Soviet Union, we are facing a nuclear confrontation with a rogue country (North Korea) that does not have parliamentary oversight as did the Soviet Union with their Duma. As in 1962, the UN was unable to coordinate an appeasement between both countries as at least both the Kremlin and the White House still had open lines of communication until the very moment a stand-down was declared. There are no such lines of communication between Pyongyang and Washington, making this crisis this month inevitably volatile. Despite all diplomatic efforts to contain this Hermit Kingdom, China created a monster that it no longer has control over. Military intervention is inevitable, that will now change the course of our nuclear history first threatened 55 years ago this month.

Seismic and Volcanic Activity

Is There More Seismic And Volcanic Activity Happening This Year And the second question that keeps coming up, Is there more seismic and volcanic activity happening this year more than most, and will October be a deadly month regarding both?

Forensic Astrological and Earthquake Prediction Software

Since 2012 when this first caught our attention because of the unusual occurrences world-wide, we started our quest to answer these questions that official government sites were not exposing. Between August of 2012 and present day, we (The UFMC) invested heavily in both forensic astrological and earthquake prediction software hoping to find similarities between both. Even though we did see uncanny timings and correlations of both, we could not put a direct and reliable fix on both. What we do know however, is that the “Ring of Fire” in the Asian pacific is becoming extremely hostile, and the subterranean plates are showing massive shifting pushing the likelihood that an 8.7 or greater will occur along the Pacific Rim possibly this month. After the DPRK’s manmade earthquake of 8.2 during their atomic underground testing, more than 16 earthquakes occurred along the Pacific Rim registering 5.7 or greater from the Kuril Islands to both the sea of Japan and the Indian Ocean, with the most recent one occurring on September 30th in the Sichuan-Ganshu border region of China which was a 5.5 officially by the USGS report, but our software detected another one in the same region 2.3 minutes later as a 5.8. True, there are more than 200 earthquakes that occur each day somewhere in the world, but many are in remote and unoccupied regions of the world where monitoring is either not possible or considered. 
The recent major earthquakes around Mexico City and Volcanic activity there as well, are signals that the subduction zones in these areas along the Pacific into the Gulf of California and Mexico are pulsing with activity not seen for over 62 years. We are still working on if there will be an astrological correlation this month and where.

In Closing

Please be especially vigilant while attending outdoor functions and any events where the convergences of large amounts of people are concentrated into one area. Always look for escape routes and places for cover in the event there is an active shooter or a terrorist threat by other means. I am concerned about copy-cat psychopath’s that may see the tragic and heinous event we saw in Las Vegas as an opportunity to secure more soft targets at other venues or events across the country. The tragic, unconscionable, and inconceivable events that took place in Las Vegas October1st just made our world here in the United States less secure and unsafe as this premeditated mass murder changed so many surviving lives forever.