New Moon Configuration

Monday evening’s New Moon in Aries was accompanied by the presence of retrograde Venus. With Venus very active in this New Moon configuration, the final days of March, she conjuncts with the Sun. On the 31st, when Venus symbolically escapes her long journey through the realms on the underworld and will then emerge as the beautiful morning star, once again symbolically speaking, while she was submerged in the deep and darkened abyss of the underworld, other gravitational and darkened forces emerged with her which began the cusp of this upcoming powerful negative energy Mercury retrograde, and intensified the presence of Uranus and Eris (the 10th planet) in close conjunction and a half degree apart supported by Mercury just two degrees away, and by Jupiter across the Zodiac from them, thus not giving us the gifting and positive energies from Jupiter.

This impending retrograde as being seven times greater as any other since April of 1912 in the last century

Retrograde As Being Seven Times Greater

This impending retrograde as being seven times greater as any other since April of 1912 in the last century. There were other events that occurred similar to the one expected in the last century, but not as great as the one that occurred on the night of April 14th, 1912 of which ironically was the night the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg. Others were not associated with any other disasters such as this one. Since many of these massive past polarities have occurred in our oceans because 71% of the earth’s surface is water, most retrogrades are dispersed evenly which usually only affects ocean storms and tides. But just like the one experienced on April of 1912, three land masses will have negative polarities. They are; New Zealand, Whales, and the horn of Africa. Many scientists dispel the belief that the sinking of the Titanic had anything to do with the occurrence of these negative polarities in the Atlantic at the time the Titanic actually sunk, but others believe that was why communication onboard this vessel was so distorted and compromised. I personally will not get into the weeds on that one.

Deep And hidden Agendas Will Now Be Exposed

Nevertheless, we are to experience Mercury retrograde with all of its negative attributes, but we will survive nonetheless. As with all retrogrades on this scale, we can expect our political landscape here in the U.S. To become even more heated as revelations become more apparent provided by the affluence of Uranus-Neptune. Saturn’s hard line for bitter truths will send many scurrying for cover, and with the added 10th planet and warrior goddess Eris in the mix, she will cast her first javelins aimed at our political apparatus supported by her Brother in arms Mars. Deep and hidden agendas will now be exposed and those who participated will be unmasked before we end the Mercury retrograde shadow and begin the process of enlightenment on May 28th. Long standing political careers will be set ablaze by the fiery conjunctions with the Sun, and cast into darkness to the shadowy 63 Moons of Jupiter.

Rogue Countries Will Continue In Their Efforts To Make Provocative Gestures

In Europe, political correctness will give way to unprecedented rebellion as the two sides clash politically and socially, as more terrorism unfortunately, will strike without warning, and their best efforts to avoid these attacks will fail miserably. In the middle-east, strides to secure cities lost to various terrorist factions will continue in its progression, but not without severe collateral loses. Leaders in these targeted areas will forge agreements, but will ultimately fail in substance.
Rogue countries such as Iran and N. Korea will continue in their efforts to make provocative gestures to the west supported by Russia and China, with strengthening resolve to add further sanctions by the United States and her allies. But will these strategies work during this time of the Mercury retrograde increasingly becoming stronger?


The negative attributes concerning these negative energy fields are far too massive and pervasive to allow a more diplomatic approach to an already volatile situation to take seed. Could there still be other options not including military intervention that would work? Yes, but it would take a more aggressive approach involving cutting off of the direct source of military and monetary finances to these countries since this Mercury retrograde centers around these areas in the global arena.