Welcome to a brand new year! For most people that means many positive changes and plenty of ambitious goals. But a new year also has many of us wondering what’s in store ahead. Numerology can help!

2014 Is a Number 7 Year

2014 is a number 7 year. How do we know? If you take the individual digits and add them together, you will arrive at 7. 2+0+1+4 = 7.

We can take a look at the number 7 to see what themes we’ll be dealing with on a global level.

As far as what’s in store for you personally, the number 7 can be added to your birth month and day to provide clues.

We can take a look at the number 7 to see what themes we’ll be dealing with on a global level.

General Themes

So what does this number 7 universal year have to say? For one thing, it will be an introspective year on many levels. 7 is the number of great analytical thinking (and thinkers). It represents seeking truth and higher knowledge and favors spirituality over religion.

What could that spell for the world this year? Expect more news from whistleblowers, telling the truth about oppression and injustices seen all across the globe. Also look for more acceptance of spirituality over formal religion.

Personal Themes

Now what about 2014 for you individually? First calculate your personal year by adding the month and day of your birth to the universal year of 7, then reduce to a single digit. For example if your birthday is March 2nd you would add 3+2+7= 12, then reduce to 3. Your personal year would be 3.

Here’s what you can expect for your personal year.

Personal Year 1:

It’s a great year to start something new. Be bold and go for it!

Personal Year 2:

2014 is your year to focus on relationships. You’ll find and receive love!

Personal Year 3:

This is a year of creativity and communication. Make a statement!

Personal Year 4:

It’s a year of hard work, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. You can do it!

Personal Year 5:

Lighten up this year. Play, travel and explore. Many adventures await you!

Personal Year 6:

2014 is a year of caring and sharing. Focus on friends and family. Keep them close!

Personal Year 7:

This is a year to seek and speak your truth. Your inner wisdom will shine!

Personal Year 8:

Money and abundance is likely this year. Be grateful and let it flow!

Personal Year 9:

This is a year of letting go. Be free of what no longer serves you!