Aquarius is the sun sign that rules over people born between late January and late February. Some people are confused and think Aquarius is a water sign, considering the word "aqua" in the name, and considering the symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer.

It's actually not a water sign, but a fixed air sign. If you’re romantically linked to an Aquarian, the more you know about this sign, the better.


Aquarians are thinkers, pure and simple. They are inquisitive, curious and have very good reasoning skills. Even if they're not well educated or inclined to pursue highly intellectual topics, they still tend to be very quick-minded and approach things in a very cerebral way. This makes Aquarians great conversationalists-- they'll always be eager for good, stimulating discussions and debates.

It can be frustrating to argue with an Aquarian because they are so good at it. Sometimes they can seem like know-it-alls, because they tend to be sure of things when they do engage in debates or disagreements. However, if you do make a case and prove them wrong, they're gracious about it and will accept defeat with dignity.

They don't get along well with very needy partners-- Aquarians need to have a bit of space. They don't like to feel smothered or held back.

Strong Sense of Individuality

Aquarians are not needy people. They have a strong sense of themselves and they are perfectly comfortable alone or in a group. They don't get along well with very needy partners-- Aquarians need to have a bit of space. They don't like to feel smothered or held back.

Emotions are not their realm-- overly emotional displays can make them squirmy and uncomfortable. Sometimes it's hard for them to express their feelings or show their emotions-- but don't take that as disinterest. It's not that they're uncaring or unfeeling; they tend to naturally keep their emotions in check. They show their affection by just wanting to be with you, to talk with you or help you out if you need it.

Rebellious Nature

You’ve probably noticed if you’re dating an Aquarian that they can be a bit of a rebel; they like to challenge conventions and are always seeking a new way to do things, or attempting to improve things. They like the mental challenge, so they’re often very innovative and clever people.

They’re very altruistic and compassionate about the state of the world. They truly want to make the world a better place, because with their ingenuity they don’t see that there are any problems that can’t be solved. This paired with their rebellious nature often finds

Aquarians fighting for social justice or supporting charities and people’s rights. They’re always looking for the next cause to take up and they want to be part of the solution and make a difference. Because they’re such good debaters, they’re particularly good in politics, as advocates or any leadership roles.

This nature can mean your Aquarian can be a bit headstrong sometimes; if you’re pushy and resistant, they’ll push back. This is why challenging an Aquarian with accusations or arguments is a bad idea— they’ll take it as a personal vendetta and come back to prove you wrong, point by point.

If you can collect yourself and appeal to their sense of reason and logic, they’ll most often be willing to work things out with you. Aquarians are nothing if not fair and reasonable. Once tempers are quelled, they’re willing to work towards a compromise. Your Aquarian will have a great deal of respect for you if you can do this.