What is Your Third Eye?

The Pineal Gland, Also Called The Third Eye

The pineal gland, also called the third eye is a small endocrine gland located near the center of the brain. About the size of a pea, this small gland produces melatonin which affects, wake and sleep patterns and seasonal functions. The perceptions of the third eye are limited by time and space, which allows a person to see things that happening thousands of miles away. We are all equipped with a third eye: a sense of potential, and what may come to pass. To naysayers, it may be better described as the combined power of our traditional five senses to become one powerful super-sense; the power behind our “hunches” and “gut feelings”—our intuition.

Cultivating your third eye can open up the potential for your spiritual aware

The Concept Of The Third Eye Is Subject Of Much Scrutiny

The third eye is most often used in less traditional senses with psychics. Psychics use their third eye to sense energy, and read it at will. However, everyday experiences, like empathy, are also examples of the third eye at work. The concept of the third eye is subject of much scrutiny, as it is not so much a tangible perception of “fact”, as your eyes may pick up, but more of a “feeling” of truth. Still, things perceived by the third eye are just as valid, and the ability to recognize them can be strengthened or “tuned” through many techniques, some as simple as self-awareness, respected by countless cultures. Unfortunately, in western societies the use of the third eye is suppressed. The good news is that we respond innately to this gift of ethereal knowledge, so its value can never truly, completely become extinguished.