What Does Your Birth Order Predict?

Are you the bossy older sister, the cool brother in the middle or the happy-go-lucky baby of the family? No matter where you fall in the family tree, your birth order definitely says something about you and your personality.

The Firstborn: The CEO

As the oldest, you are numero uno. With all that helicopter parenting from nervous first-time parents, you’ve emerged as a responsible, dependable and extremely conscientious person.

No matter where you fall in the family tree, your birth order definitely says something about you and your personality.

You are a perfectionist, an achiever and a take-charge sort of person. Although many firstborns are assertive dominators, others are willing people pleasers. Either way, you’re a leader in your own way.

Famous firstborns include: George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Zac Efron, Beyoncé Knowles, Oprah Winfrey.

The Middle: The Mediator

Stuck in the middle? Being a middle child is actually a far cry from being “stuck” at all. On the contrary, you have the traits of flexibility, understanding and mediation. You know how to teamwork and get along with people.

You are a peacemaker and have wonderful negotiation skills. Since you likely received the least attention at home, you develop terrific supportive friendships with your “family of choice.”

Famous middle borns include: John F. Kennedy, Jay Leno, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears.

The Lastborn: The Charmer

As the baby of the bunch, you were lavished with attention from the entire family. Your parents became much more lenient and their scrutiny lessened, giving you much more freedom than your siblings.

As a result you are a creative and independent risk taker, who loves to socialize and have a good time. Besides, if anything goes wrong, the family will help. After all, you’re just the baby—even if you’re an adult.

Famous last borns include: Jim Carey, Cameron Diaz, Goldie Hawn, Janet Jackson, Eddie Murphy.

The Only Child: The Lone Ranger

People probably feel sorry for you since you grew up all alone. What a misconception! As an only child, you received the benefits from being around adults most of the time. That means greater intelligence and overall maturity.

You are the Lone Ranger—independent, spirited and extremely resourceful. You have no trouble keeping yourself entertained and you can be quite creative. Much like firstborn children, you are a perfectionist and over-achiever.

Famous only children include: Lance Armstrong, Chelsea Clinton, John Lennon, Natalie Portman, Daniel Radcliffe.