Weird Dreams and Symbolism

We spend almost one third of our lives sleeping, so that’s a lot of time devoted to dreams. But not all dreams are about rainbows, unicorns and fields of flowers. Some are downright weird and scary. So if you’re having weird dreams, rest assured that you are not alone. We all have weird dreams and there is a way to make sense out of them.

Common Weird Dreams

There’s no doubt that dreams are highly subjective. After all they are coming from your own subconscious. Even so, there are some fairly common themes and symbols that most people experience.

Public Nudity

Seeing yourself naked among a crowd, although weird, is not uncommon. The key to understanding the dream is your reaction towards your nudity. Are you embarrassed or afraid? If so you may be hiding something from yourself or others. Perhaps you’re afraid of being noticed or accepted. If no one in your dream seems to care about your nudity, then it may signify self-acceptance and honesty.

So if you’re having weird dreams, rest assured that you are not alone. We all have weird dreams and there is a way to make sense out of them.

Flying and/or Falling

Dreaming of flying often symbolizes freedom and personal power. If you encounter difficulties while flying, that can indicate fears, doubts or people blocking your path. If you fly and then fall, you might be dealing with life situations where you are trying to succeed but feel out of control, insecure or worried about failing.

Being Chased

Chase dreams likely indicate stressful situations within your life. These dreams often deal with “fight or flight” and you may even awake with your heart racing. If so, ask yourself about the fears you encounter during your waking life. Are you running away from something that is bothering you?

Sex with Exes or Strangers

Sex dreams can have you wondering about your current relationship especially if you are having sex with a stranger or ex-lover. In many cases sex dreams have very little to do with actual sex and fidelity. Usually sex dreams have more to do with aspects of yourself. Sex with an ex can indicate thinking about the past as you start something new. Sex with strangers could mean you want to bust loose and free up your inhibitions.

Car Accidents

A car in your dream often represents your path in life. If you are driving and have car trouble or an accident it could be an indication to reevaluate your choices. Are you on the right path? Or maybe you have strayed from your true path. Either way, there is some anxiety present about your journey and you may need to stop and rethink.


Death dreams, whether about yourself or others is not meant to be a prediction. Death symbolizes transition. Are you or someone you know going through a change in life? Perhaps a part of you yearns for something new and the death dream is telling you to leave behind what no longer works.

Making Sense of Your Personal Dreams

Understanding the symbolism of common weird dreams can help you, but what about your own unique dreams? There has to be a way to make sense out of their symbolism too.

Journaling is a great way to help make sense of your dreams. When you wake up, take some notes about your dream. Look for the symbols and themes that had the most impact on you. Maybe it was an animal, a face or a building. Also try to recall your feelings during the dream. Were you frightened, bewildered or amused? As you journal also think about what is currently happening in your waking life. You may be able to piece together some clues.

Another good option is to consult a dream dictionary. Thanks to the Internet, interpreting the symbols in your dreams is just a click away. While not every definition will necessarily apply to you, it can provide some food for thought. Consider your weird dreams a learning opportunity. Even the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud said, “Dreams are often the most profound when they seem the most crazy.”