Virgo August 2017

The Year Is Far From Over

Before I move forward towards the weeks and months ahead, allow me to focus on the year so far. For many in Virgo this year started off with a struggle. With so many things left undone or unfinished because of the 4th quarter of last year which was truly a setback for many. I rarely suggest that much of your troubles were no fault of your own, but in this case, I, in many cases dear Virgo’s suggest otherwise. Finances and relationships were your biggest struggles especially in the 4th quarter of last year no matter how much intense effort you put into resolving these matters. These setbacks convoluted the focus towards the ending 2016 on a good note, and unfortunately, these issues followed many into the last two quarters of this year. While there were indeed many that surpassed their expectations for this year so far, others were embroiled in conflict and despair to “make things work.” The great personal attributes of Virgo, is their ability to multitask. It will be this ability that will re-envision a new approach to success in both career and romance. The year is far from over dear Virgo’s, and after we are all out of this current Mercury retrograde, renewal and energy towards moving forward will be realigned. On the downside, Virgo’s are well known for not letting projects or people go, even after failure. By the time we officially end this current retrograde which is on September, 9th, and conclude the Mercury retrograde shadow which will be around the 19th, you must let failure go. Otherwise the ending of the 3rd quarter and beginning of the 4th will put you right back to where you were in 2016, and I am quite sure that none of you want that.

In September of this year, and following my lead and guide, your entire destiny will change.


Are Your Dreams And Goals Worth Your Effort

It will be very important moving forward that you take your best projects or career environments, and reshape what has worked, and forge this into a new focus. If you are in business for yourself, please take your best projects and re-theme them into a new realm of success. The molds of your creations are not what are broken. It’s your focus! If you are in a career change, do not invest too heavily on this until we are out of the Mercury retrograde shadow. Are you in a benign, dreary, or abusive relationship? End it! This is why your drive towards success in business did not reach your expectations last year and part of this one. Are your dreams and goals worth your effort by investing in a relationship that once again is doomed for failure in the end? Please listen to me now, before everyone has to hear again why you didn’t succeed this year into next.  

This Month Was Especially Powerful

In September of this year, and following my lead and guide, your entire destiny will change. Hey! Late is better than never right? Because of the eclipse season, every single Sun sign was affected. But for those born under the sign of the Virgin, this month was especially powerful because in addition to the two eclipses, you have your ruling planet, Mercury, in your first house, in Virgo, engaging in a long-standing opposition to Neptune in Pisces in the seventh house. With Mercury turning retrograde on the 12th, this was in your first house as well. It did not benefit you during the Solar Eclipse on the New Moon because it was in your twelfth house in Leo.

By Year’s End, You Will Be Very Happy

Moving forward, the months of September through November look very promising for those in Virgo providing you intensely read what I said above. Reawakening into the focus of 2017 will occur and renew the vows you took entering into this very tumultuous year of the “terrible teens.” With obstacles removed, by the time the holidays arrive, it will truly be a time for thanks and celebration Virgo’s. Reveling in the new creation of you, the prospects of 2018 by years end will be a time of great joy as you look back at all the wonderful things you have changed. No longer shackled by pains and failures of the times now past, your journey towards new goals and aspiration moving towards the total successes by 2020 will be nothing than a painful memory and lesson long gone. Home, health, family, and personal relationship(s) will be abundant and prosperous. Prosperity will be yours if you are willing to accept change. I understand the discomforts of giving into changes believe me, but in order to be in solidarity with our ruling and archetype planets, change is necessary. The world evolves and revolves around change, and we must comply as well. I promise you, by year’s end, you will be very happy that you evolved as well.