Tips to Look More Youthful

Would you like to turn back the clock a few years and have a more youthful looking face? Looking younger doesn’t always mean cosmetic surgery or complicated beauty regimens. Here are a few simple tips that will help erase the years.

Drink Water

Drinking water can do wonders for your face. When you are well hydrated, your cells are nice and full, plumping up your skin and filling in lines and wrinkles. Proper hydration also helps your skin soft, moist and youthful looking.

If you’ve been using powdered cheek color, it may be time to switch to a cream formula.

Boost Your Brows

Believe it or not, your eyebrows can give away your age. Thin, scraggly or overly tweezed eyebrows are out of date and associated with age. Younger people have naturally thicker and fuller eyebrows. You can mimic this look by filling in sparse brows with pencil or brow powder. Be sure to follow your natural line.

Cheer Up Your Cheeks

If you’ve been using powdered cheek color, it may be time to switch to a cream formula. As we age, powders tend to cake on the skin, making it look even older and drier than it is. Creams blend nicely into skin giving a more dewy look.

Plump Up Your Lips

Sadly, our lips become a bit thinner as we age. Don’t despair, you can easily give them a plumped up look without much effort. Apply a creamy formula lipstick to lips, and then use a lip liner afterwards. Follow with a light reflecting gloss and you’re all set. Also choose lighter colors to help lips appear larger and fuller.

Open Your Eyes

A wide-eyed look is a youthful look. You can easily achieve it with just a few simple items. Use an eyelash curler to curl lashes back, which opens up eyes and makes them appear larger. Also lighten up on eye shadow and liner. Swap out your blacks and dark grays for browns and beiges. Lighter and warmer colors open up the eyes.

Smooth Out Your Skin

Dry, patchy skin and uneven skin tone will also betray your age. Your best bet for younger looking skin is a tinted moisturizer. Your skin will look soft, smooth and even. Avoid heavy foundations and powders, as they tend to settle into lines and wrinkles.

Finally, once you’re ready to face the world, be sure to smile! That’s the best way to get a youthful glow!