Sun Sign Music Choices

Maybe you like that old time rock n’ roll or just can’t get enough of Lady Gaga, but did you know that your zodiac sign could also influence your musical choices? Although musical tastes are very individualistic, if you’d like to expand your musical repertoire, take a look at the suggestions based on your Sun sign.


No laid back 70’s soft rock ballads for you. An active person like you needs music that keeps up with your pace. Anything with a good backbeat is likely to please you. That means upbeat pop, rock and jazz. You might also like to expand your choices and try funk or Latin jazz.


Ruled by Venus, you’ve got an inborn appreciation for music. You’ll gravitate towards a variety of rhythms and genres, but may end up listening to earthy music featuring Native American drums or laid back Reggae tunes. You also like to tap your feet or move as you listen.

Although musical tastes are very individualistic, if you’d like to expand your musical repertoire, take a look at the suggestions based on your Sun sign.


Music is as much a conversation piece as a listening experience for you. Learning and talking about your favorite artists is as pleasurable as listening to the music. You also like to dance so you’ll appreciate any music that makes you move, including house music and country two-step.


An emotional sign, you have a soft spot for home and hearth, which might show up in your music choices. You could find yourself listening to oldies that you remember from childhood or even music from your grandparents’ era.


As the attention seeker of the zodiac, you might appreciate belting out a show tune or doing karaoke. For your listening pleasure however, you like music with drama and punch. Heavy metal is a possibility, but so are opera and the classical works of Beethoven.


Of all the signs, you are most likely to appreciate the sounds of nature as your music. Soothing peaceful tunes do well to calm your nervous system, which has a tendency to run on overdrive. New Age music, classical Renaissance and easy listening music will mellow you out.


You can be pretty trendy when it comes to tunes and may be able to spot the next YouTube sensation. Like Taurus, you’re also ruled by Venus and can appreciate a wide selection of styles. Great vocalists like Adele, Aretha, Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble might also appeal to you.


Often a man or woman of mystery, you like music that is deep. Complex melodies are likely to grab your interest. Consider trying some avant-garde jazz or electronic music. You’re also a romantic deep down inside and won’t mind a few sappy love ballads either.


World music might appeal to you and your sense of wanderlust. Try some Middle Eastern, Indian or Caribbean dance rhythms to make you feel free. Or just grab some classic rock, put it in your car’s audio player and go on a drive just for fun.


Your taste in music is fairly mainstream and you can appreciate a variety of styles. Many Capricorns are history buffs and you might find music from a particular historical period to be quite fascinating and pleasurable. Try medieval music, early American folk, blues or 1920’s jazz.


You march to your own tune and might have fun composing your own music. Otherwise your tastes run the gamut: world music, hip-hop, R&B, classical, jazz, pop and more. As the futurist of the zodiac you might like electronica and other forms of experimental music.


Music serves as an escape for you. It can be mystical and take you to faraway places. Dreamy New Age music can help your imagination soar. Many Pisces like to dance; so a little classic disco can get you moving while giving you a taste of 70’s fun and glamour.