Scammed by a Psychic?

A lot of people are skeptical of psychics and warn that they’re all frauds. Thus, when you get a psychic reading that turns out to have little accuracy, you might get worried that it’s true. You might consider dropping your psychic and swearing off readings forever— but should you? Before you become a total skeptic yourself, consider some things you need to remember.

Were You Open to the Reading?

Some people are a bit frightened of psychics, afraid that the psychic can essentially see right into them and all the things they’ve thought and done. Some people are a bit frightened about their own situation and don’t really want to know what’s going on—they’re afraid of being told that they’re a bad person for things they’ve thought, or of being told that the nagging back pain is really a deadly disease.

Having these types of fears instinctually causes the subconscious to cry out, “shields up!”

Psychics can sometimes pick up on things long before you’re aware of them. Just because you can’t verify something right away doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Fear causes you to close yourself off from the reading. If you’re not open to it or cooperative, you’re giving a psychic very little to go on—they’ll get fragments, but they can be more puzzled by the information and have trouble piecing it together until you’re able to relax and let your natural guards down a bit.

Redirected Course

The future is not set in stone; between a reading and the time an event was predicted to happen, a lot of things can take place to change the outcome. For example, let’s say you’re very shy and timid, but really longing for love.

Your psychic may foresee that you have the opportunity to meet a possible love interest in the near future at a social gathering and encourages you to accept any party or dinner invitations. You accept a couple of invitations, but you become even more quiet and withdrawn than usual due to nervousness. Because of your behavior, someone who had been eyeing you thought you were closed off and unapproachable, and decided to mingle with others instead, never getting the opportunity to talk to you.

Remember that psychics can only tell you what’s possible; it’s your own actions and inactions that are going to determine if you stay on that course.

Missing Information

Another possibility is that your psychic was not necessarily wrong; you just didn’t have all the information at the time. If your psychic asks you if a friend is ill, you might say “No, you’re wrong.” But there’s a good possibility that you have a friend who has not told you about an illness—or who does not himself know he’s ill yet. Perhaps he hasn’t visited a doctor yet.

Psychics can sometimes pick up on things long before you’re aware of them. Just because you can’t verify something right away doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Psychics are Human

Yes, psychics can make mistakes. They intuit information, but then they have to interpret what it is they’re getting. Sometimes the interpretation can be off base, so when the psychic presents it to you it may not make sense.

A common instinct is to dismiss what appears to be a mistake out of hand—what you should really be doing is asking more details about the information coming to the psychic. It’s possible that the information coming in simply threw the psychic for a loop, and she couldn’t see how the piece fit into the puzzle. By knowing more, you may help her figure it out.

If your readings from this person are generally accurate, or if you’ve gotten good recommendations about this psychic from friends with satisfied readings, there’s no reason to panic and assume the worst. Psychics are not gods—and they never claim to be omnipotent. Like anyone else at work, they can have an off day and make mistakes. Take their entire reputation into account, not just one reading gone wrong.