Psychics: Helping Contact Your Guardian Angel

If you are like many people, you may wonder sometimes if your guardian angel is really watching over you. You may have questions you want to ask your angel, or you might simply need reassurance about some things you've been thinking.

Unfortunately, most of us have been raised in a society in which we’re taught not to trust our spiritual beliefs and impressions—and so we ignore and overlook what might be a very big sign from the angels we’ve been given to guard us. If you feel you’re having trouble in this area, or that you need answers, it may pay to visit a psychic.

Angels and Psychics

Angelic energies are very distinct, and some psychics are known to specialize in the area of angels. Some psychics will use their own angel as a sort of ‘translator’—a go-between. The psychic’s angel speaks directly to other angels (like yours) and relays the message to the psychic.

Angelic energies are very distinct, and some psychics are known to specialize in the area of angels.

Other psychics can get messages directly from angels. They are particularly sensitive to it, and have worked for years to further attune themselves to receive the messages of not only their own angels, but other angels.

Find a reputable psychic and schedule an appointment. Let them know that communicating with your guardian angel is your specific area of interest.


You may not believe you can hear or sense your guardian angel’s messages (you can; you just stopped trusting your natural instincts to tune in, and you’ve become rusty now). But you should know that your guardian angel can still hear you—your thoughts, your spoken words, even read your feelings. Your guardian angel is there to watch over and protect you, and is completely tuned into your energy.

Before you even head over to your session with your psychic, you can get a conversation started. Tell your guardian angel of your intentions (either speak it aloud in your prayers, or in your mind).

Write down a list of questions. Tell your guardian angel your main concerns and the kind of info you’re looking to get from the reading. Truth be told, your angel doesn’t really need to know all this. Even if you said nothing, your angel would pick up all this information from you. This is for your own benefit—to get you started in thinking about your angel, to get you to start directly communicating with your angel. It is only in this way that you will eventually be able to communicate without the need of an intermediary person.

Write Down Impressions

Once you put the ball in motion toward your reading, you’re going to start getting impressions. This will be your angel, who will be doing everything short of waving signs in front of your face, trying to alert you of his presence. You might see your angel in your dreams, or you might get feelings, scents or see colored lights that you can’t otherwise explain. Write them down.

At the Psychic Reading

When you get to the psychic reading, ask the questions you had been concerned about, and the psychic will be able to relay the messages for you. Even more importantly, the psychic will be able to confirm for you all those happenings and sensations you got that you just didn’t trust, or that went over your head.

This will put you at ease and make you realize that—yes—you have been contacted, and you did receive a message. You just weren’t listening. In the future, when you sense your angel, you will be more prepared to receive the messages and guidance they’re offering.