Psychic Ability Awareness

Through Regular Steps Can Get You Connected To A Higher Plane

It is said that almost everyone on this planet is born with latent psychic abilities, which are more pronounced in children. Unfortunately however a lot of psychic behavior in children is brushed off to being imaginary or made up in the eyes of parents, caregivers teachers etc leaving the child to over time ignore the connection to the spiritual world, hence, leaving it behind. As adults we can manifest these abilities in our life by consciously working with them on a regular basis. Take intuition for example – at the first glance it sounds strange, but people do not often times know what intuition is, or how it works. Like strengthening your body through regular exercise, strengthening your psychic ability through regular steps can get you connected to a higher plane, so to speak.

It is said that almost everyone on this planet is born with latent psychic abilities, which are more pronounced in children.

Grow Your Intuition

First exercise, and the most important, is paying close attention to your intuition, this is your internal communication system, which is always at work for you. By actively trusting your gut instincts, you give them room to grow. You do not know always where these feelings come from, but may believe them to be psychic in nature, that’s because they are. Whether its the result of vast years of experience telling you how a particular situation will turn out, or current knowledge tapping you on the shoulder, pay attention. Regardless of what it essentially is, the truth is that it can be a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. This does not mean you do everything your gut instinct says, to the point where it is detrimental to others, but rather that you trust yourself in carrying out life’s tasks. You can actively work with your intuition to make it a part of your everyday life. Learn to focus on yourself, and how your intuition tells you about what might happen. Be aware of your surroundings and make judgments based on trusting those instincts.

Meditating For Spiritual Awareness

Meditating daily so you can focus on your innate potential is key. By entering a deep meditative state you take your mind to a place of heightened awareness, unleashing your psychic potential. Before you turn the TV on or you go in the kitchen to make your first cup of coffee, give yourself at least 5 minutes of alone time to just sit, breath, and turn your focus away from outside chatter. Starting your day off to open your mind up, you free yourself from unnecessary thoughts, allowing spiritual guidance to make itself present which will open you up to new, feelings, emotions and realizations that may have been hindering your psychic abilities from coming through.

If you can trust in yourself and pay attention to those inner nudges, you find that psychic awareness is in all of us!