The Meaning of the Third Eye

The third eye-- it sounds a little creepy, but believe it or not, it's there. You may have seen it in artwork depicted as the “all-seeing eye” or you may be more familiar with it as the red dot that Hindus place upon their brow. Either way, whether you pay attention to it or not, it’s a part of you.

What it Is

The third eye is also known as the ‘brow chakra’. Sometimes in modern western world we refer to it as the "mind's eye” through which you visualize. It’s not the kind of eye that you are familiar with on your face; it actually corresponds to the pineal gland in your brain. Instead of just outward, this eye also looks inward.

The third eye is a place of power and perception. It is both a receiver and transmitter.

The third eye is a place of power and perception. It is both a receiver and transmitter. It taps into specific energies in parts of the mind that we don’t usually access, and it picks up on energies in the universe that are usually a bit out of our range (kind of the way higher-pitched sounds can be out of normal hearing range).

How it Works

The third eye is one of the body's major energy portals through which we filter our intuition, wisdom, creativity and imagination, our ability to focus and to think.

This is the gateway to the higher realms of self, to higher states of consciousness. Opening it gives you better insight and intuition, better communion with the divine and your spirit guides, and can vastly improve your own psychic abilities and ability to astral project.

For people in which the third eye is naturally ‘open’ (as the expression goes), there is usually a very exaggerated and heightened sense of awareness. This includes spiritual awareness—as throughout history many people with open third eyes have been spiritual leaders and teachers. It is through this third eye that they receive divine messages and wisdom.

This also includes psychic awareness—you could say psychics are people born with their third eye wide open, and are able to keep it open as often as they want.

Great artists and innovators, like Leonardo DaVinci, are also people with open and highly attuned third eyes.

Using the Third Eye

In order to reap the benefits of using your third eye, you have to learn how to open it. Meditation practices, yoga and – most of all—becoming aware of the third eye are all ways that it can be opened so that you can begin ‘receiving’ and ‘transmitting’.

Once you’ve opened your third eye, you will find yourself thinking more deeply and more clearly than ever before. If you’ve ever suffered from things like ‘brain fog’ or had trouble with mental clarity, it’s probably because your third eye has been closed too tightly, blocked or imbalanced.

You will also notice your abilities of perception growing—your intuition will flourish. You’ll be able to ‘read’ people better; you’ll have a better sense of their thoughts and emotions without asking. You’ll be more aware of your surroundings and the possibilities of things to come.

You may find yourself having much more vivid dreams, lucid dreaming more often, or even astral projecting a lot more often. Artistic abilities—perhaps some you never even realized you had—will become apparent and you may feel the need for a creative outlet.

Opening your third eye can be frightening if you’re not ready for it, but an awesome experience if you are willing and you prepare yourself. It’s one way to fully live and experience life; once your ‘eye’ is open, things will never quite look the same again.