How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Being More Adventurous And Spontaneous

All relationships have their ups and downs. If your relationship is experiencing a lack of passion and an onslaught of being too busy to make for good times in the bedroom, it may be time to switch things up. A component that many people forget about that can bring a damper to the sheets is to not limit the tone to inside the bedroom. Recreating the passion and love from earlier in the relationship can lead to a whole new level of excitement under the covers. Being more adventurous and spontaneous in all areas of life can spice the pillow talk up tenfold.

Add a sexy tone to the day or evening not just by deciding whether to have lights “on” or “off”, but by adding candles

Some Ways to Bring Back the Romance

Ambiance: Add a sexy tone to the day or evening not just by deciding whether to have lights “on” or “off”, but by adding candles. Scented candles can add a whole new sensual atmosphere. Play music that adds to the tone. Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Usher are all good, universal options, but adding tunes that are special to your relationship can really up the ante. Most importantly, turn off your phone and give your partner your full attention.
Build Anticipation: Send your sweetheart sexy or sweet texts throughout the day. Leave a heartfelt note on the bathroom mirror. Just saying “Hey, I was thinking about you and I wanted to tell you I love you” can add to her excitement to see you later.
Make Time For Dates: Have a regular date night. Take her to the movies or stay in and watch one at home. Take her to your first date spot. Make her a candlelit dinner or go for a walk in the sunset. Go on a picnic or take her to a concert.
In The Bedroom: Maximize foreplay. Don’t just do it one and done; build anticipation in the sheets by adding long, sensual play before the deed is begun. Try new things: handcuffs are a great and safe addition. Buy her risqué lingerie and watch her become a goddess.
These and similar techniques can bring the fire back to any encounter.