How to Increase Your Sex Appeal

The first rule of thumb so to speak about boosting one’s sex appeal lies in her or his self-confidence. If you lack this prime factor, you are belittling the inner goddess or macho male. Let’s look at some of the ways to increase sex appeal that is easy to implement.

There is something about wearing too many clothes or too little of them that can cause a shift in chemistry

Wax the Stash

Nothing can be a deterrent than a woman with hairy arms, legs or upper lip. Get rid of the hair in unwanted areas and you will be appreciated. Men also need up the game about excessive fuzz on their faces and underarms, nostrils and ears. Wax, shave, thread, laser, anything just removes the stash.

Smell Nice

Body odor is a strict no-no in the life of anyone more so someone who oozes sex appeal. As you rid yourself of this anomaly, you will find people flocking near you or giving you the glad eye. Smelling nice is not about being overt but being subtle.

Clothes Say It All

There is something about wearing too many clothes or too little of them that can cause a shift in chemistry. A man with well-fitted clothing, nice shoes, and a neat hairstyle makes him someone you would love to be around with or even bed for that matter. For women, an outfit that does her justice and does not make her look slutty is going to pique the curiosity of men.

The Body Image

A person who takes care of her/his body is someone who oozes sex appeal. A man with pumped up muscles and sexy abs is what women swoon over. A woman who has toned abs, a hot body and dresses smart automatically gets the attention of people around her.

Aside from all the points mentioned above, keeping yourself well turned out is a firm way to get noticed. Naturally, a person who lacks sex appeal has pretty much lost the plot. It does not mean that you need to be a size one or two even a chubby person has it in her/him to be