When The Thing You’re Attempting Doesn’t Work

If you believe that you will never live up to your own expectations, you may be setting yourself up for failure before you even give yourself a chance at success. Saying things like “Okay, I’ll try, but it probably won’t work” can promote and encourage a worldview that will keep you from living up to your own potential. When the thing you’re attempting doesn’t work, you’ll use it as proof of your own tendency to fail, not realizing that it was your thinking that lead you to not succeeding as you hoped.

It can be hard to put your faith into something you don’t believe in

It Can Be Hard To Put Your Faith Into Something You Don’t Believe In

It can be hard to put your faith into something you don’t believe in. It can be quite terrifying to put your pride, success, and potential gains on the line and risk failure, embarrassment, or loss. We respond by ostensibly protecting ourselves with skepticism, refusing to take chances because of the risks involved. And often times compare our success to someone else’s, only adding to more discord within us.

Is What You Are Doing Today, Getting You Closer To Where You Want To Be Tomorrow

There is no room for growth in this mindset. To exceed our expectations and meet our potential, we must accept that failure isn’t a roadblock, but a stepping stone that gives us the chance to recalibrate and try again, full-force. To meet our full potential, we have to let go of these fears and prove our own doubts are wrong, and when we let them go, we always prevail and impress ourselves. Start asking yourself, is what you are doing today, getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow, hopefully the answer is yes. When you start thinking of success being more than a goal, but rather a lifestyle, everything begins to flow!