How Do We Portray Others?

Significant Other As A Pink Slip

The other day, while in a group of mostly men, I heard one of the guys characterize his “significant other”, as a pink slip.
Most of us know that the term pink slip, when used in our society, may be a term for getting let go from a job, as in “he received a pink slip” from his employer. Usually, however, it denotes the complete ownership of a thing, generally a car, boat, or some other vehicle. The connotation is that it means full ownership of something, usually with no debt or strings attached.

One does not have to look far in our society as to how people, primarily women, are often portrayed in music, movies and most other media.

Term Used In Connection With One’s Ownership Of A Person

I had never heard the term used in connection with one’s ownership of a person, be that person a wife, girlfriend, or whatever. My first thought was to challenge the guy making the comment, as it, in my mind, anyway, represented his relationship with a person close to him as an ownership of that person, rather then his describing her “as my sweet girlfriend, my loving wife”, and so forth. His comment made me think of his relationship with her as chattel, almost like owning a farm animal, or some other beast of burden.

Test The Limits Of Decency

One does not have to look far in our society as to how people, primarily women, are often portrayed in music, movies and most other media. It is often said that the artist can take liberties in the furtherance of his “art”, but lately that has gone way over the top. Certain genres of music seem to glorify the degradation of, not only women, but many other people we interact with everyday. The mentally challenged, the disabled, the disenfranchised of our society all are targets, and no one, it seems, gets a free pass. This vitriol is directed at men as well, but, in my eyes, not with the same venom and vengeance that seem to be directed towards women. It is almost as if the more correct we try to be, the more the fringe element will test the limits of decency.

Men Are Good, It Is Circumstances That Make Them Behave Otherwise

Not to be Pollyanna about it, but, as long as we are all here, for as long as we are here, I think all of us should honor each other, as, hopefully, most of us, while not perfect, have the ability to not only be kind to each other, but to practice the very principles by which we were raised. Someone once said that all men are good, it is circumstances that make them behave otherwise. While there is nothing wrong with owning the pink slip to one’s car, there is everything wrong in using that phrase to describe the person sharing one’s life. He or she is worth so much more.