The challenges of life often bring us to the brink of despair and depression. Each sign in the Zodiac has a different method of handling these emotions. An Aries may hide their sensitivity and instead offer aggression and yet have a desire to be around loved ones. Taurus projects their depression, often shifting guilt around and draining themselves of their own energy.

Each sign in the Zodiac has a different method of handling these emotions

Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra

A Gemini will hide their feelings and many around them won’t be aware that something is wrong. They keep busy at home and at work and this can be detrimental to their mental state. Cancer is emotional. They enjoy being surrounded by good friends and a good cry, which is a healthy attitude as it allows the free-flow to seek a solution. Leo’s love the drama and to overcome their depression they will offset with parties and attention. They miss understanding that sadness is part of life. Virgo’s don’t want to take the time to be depressed. They are organized and will do everything to convince themselves that it is simply unnecessary. Libras want to be around friends and family and handle negativity with therapy and relationships.

Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

The Scorpio must be careful to stay away from self-destructive behavior. For them, depression can be something that they entrench themselves in. The optimistic Sagittarius has a flaw in their constant belief in goodness. They have a tendency to run away from problems. Capricorns will raise walls and barriers, becoming defensive with those around them. They need to be reminded to institute changes in their lives that can help to overcome the emotions. Those that fall under the sign of Aquarius are often attracted by intelligent solutions. Depression for them is shown when they are snapping at loved ones and they need to be reminded to go to the next logical step. Of all of the signs, Pisces is more prone to depression, mainly because they are a collective of emotions. They need to separate themselves from the world around them and create a hearty defense.