Dealing With The Situation Amicably

We all have that one friend that loves to talk and does not know when to be quiet. They can talk about the most mundane of things, and keep talking even when there is nothing to talk about. While we generally feel agreeable with these sort of people, there can come a time when you do not feel like listening to their stories. So, what can you do? Well other then telling them to their face and dealing with the repercussions, here are a few ways of dealing with the situation amicably.

We all have that one friend that loves to talk and does not know when to be quiet.

By Tuning Them Out

Just because they feel like they want to talk, it does not mean that you want to listen. By tuning them out, you let your mind escape to your own world, while they continue to talk. Remember to make gestures sometimes, if you want to give the impression that you are listening to them. Although this does not get them to stop talking, it takes your mind away from them and you get your own space.

Change the Topic of Conversation

If you want to continue talking with your friend, just not in the way they are talking right now, then interject softly to change the topic. Change it to something you are interested in as well. By doing this, you steer the conversation towards a direction where you can enjoy it as well. At the same time, you get your friend to shut up for those moments where you talk.

Tell Them Flat Out

Although not necessarily a good task, sometimes it is what you have to. By telling them, you let them know that you do not appreciate their behavior, and it may get them to not talk as much. Of course it might also hurt their feelings as well, but by letting your impression be known, you may finally get them to stop talking.