Post Football Depression Syndrome

Every February, people all across America are building up towards one of the most important events of the year. No, we’re not talking about the birth of a first child, or buying a first home. This is something on another level; the Super Bowl. The whole football season is all about this one mega-event, and after it, you could be forgiven for thinking that depression has swept across the nation. In fact, there’s even a special term for it: Post Football Depression Syndrome.

The whole football season is all about this one mega-event, and after it, you could be forgiven for thinking that depression has swept across the nation

Dealing with a partner suffering from PFDS can be hard work. They can barely be consoled; the things they once enjoyed will seem empty, and you might catch them frantically looking at the calendar, counting the days until the season starts again. Don’t despair. PFDS is a condition that can be overcome, but you might need to put in a little extra effort to help your partner snap out of it. Persevere, and follow these three simple tips to help them get back on their feet.

Remind Them Where Their True Happiness Comes From

When you think about the total hours your partner spends watching football during a season, it’s actually a mere pittance compared to every other activity. At the height of the season, they might only watch for a couple of hours in any given week, so you need to remind them that there are other things that can bring them enjoyment. Plan a surprise date, get them out of the house for an outdoor activity, or arrange for a night out with friends. Whatever it is, make sure it’s fun and distracting, and they’ll soon forget about that deep dark football shaped void that they’re feeling.

Give Them Projects or Chores Around the House

How long has that broken fence been waiting for repair, or maybe the cars are due for an oil change? Whatever it is, get your partner active with some jobs around the home. They might grumble at first, but once they’re focused on the task at hand, they’ll start to forget about their PFDS, and you’ll be happy that they’re finally doing that simple thing that you’ve been asking about for months.

Use the Kids as a Sneaky Distraction

No matter how empty and down they’re feeling with their favorite sport on hiatus, they won’t have time to think about it if you get them active with the kids. Book yourself out for the weekend and get your partner on parenting duty. They’ll remember how much fun it is to spend time with family, rather than in front of the TV, and you’ll get a nice little break out of it.

Although some people might scoff at the very concept of PFDS, the fact is that it’s just another one of those small things in life that could cause big relationship problems if not dealt with properly. You know your partner better than anyone, so use these three tips as a starting point, and just make sure that you show your partner that there’s more to life than football… At least until the season starts up again!