It isn’t easy to simply ‘forgive’. As humans we have a tendency to harbor the negative feelings, as if holding onto them will give us some form of comfort. But in doing so, we are actually poisoning ourselves, assuming that it may cause harm to others. Forgiving does not mean ‘forgetting’, it is simply a state of being that no longer empowers the negative. We relinquish the toxic existence and move on to a higher plain. We give ourselves a truly inspiring gift when we use forgiving as a permanent philosophy of life.

Part of forgiving is simply allowing yourself the ability to move past and beyond

Let Go of The Dark Space

You know that place where you harbor your negative feelings. When memory sparks, you dig deep and touch it. The anger rises and you relive the emotional horrors again and again. There is nothing good about this and to keep it from turning into a habit, you need to let go of that dark space. Send it into the abyss where it belongs and allow yourself to pursue the road that brings you joy and happiness.

Creating a Life Of Forgiveness

Part of forgiving is simply allowing yourself the ability to move past and beyond. It is walking through the journey of life and not allowing those that want to cause harm to have any power over you. You cannot change others, you can only change yourself and letting them live their lives in their own self-induced anger does not have to involve you. Karma will be part of their path and you are on a different one. Allow yourself the dignity of living in forgiveness so that you can continue in the direction you need.