By John-Michael

Changes Are In Place Now

With the powerful presence of Saturn now in wide T square with the Sun and the Moon it now trines Uranus. You must avoid the angst of these changes and not be afraid to make bold moves now to change course of actions. Stop relying on the people who have shown no remorse in hurting you in the past and into this year. Even though Jupiter is closely opposed to Chiron (The Wounded Healer), you must not be afraid of letting go of the ledges you still cling to. Now is the time to take flight in the opposing direction that set you in these conditions now. Both evolutionary and revolutionary changes are in place now, and by not submitting to them with acceptance and compliance, then March will be a month in which you will soon want to conclude with many wounds to heal. You will not be afforded another opportunity like this one again until late June of 2016.

Both evolutionary and revolutionary changes are in place now

What To Expect

The superimposed universe just became a little closer to our outcomes as of Monday. To retreat now, will only throw your lives back into the abyss of when this millennium started. To be exact, the timing in Vedic astrology would be 2004. Do any of you want to go back to that time and begin over? I thought not. So PLEASE accept my posting as your compass to move towards the age of redemption and positive energies in 2020. Our entire outlook this month rests on the powerful shoulders of Jupiter and Saturn forming their square while in the 4° of Virgo. The revolutionary times emitted by Uranus and Pluto, puts us all at odds with Jupiter versus Saturn. However, while these archetype planetary entities converge in this somewhat macabre dance above us, we can all benefit here if we eliminate the negative energies holding us back. The astrology for the ending of this month, and looking forward towards March is very complicated. Individual twists and turns abound now. This update just represents a total scope of what to expect, and not individual assessments, evaluations, and positive navigation.
I have to include here that because of these planetary line-ups, expect massive changes to weather patterns this month and next.