The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

“Money”?  A Great song, covered by many artists, that says a lot about one of our favorite topics.  Ah yes, money….Making it, keeping it, investing it, spending it, all are the stuff dreams are made of.

Ah yes, money….Making it, keeping it, investing it, spending it, all are the stuff dreams are made of.


Sets Apart The Rich From The Poor

What is the fascination we have in watching TV shows that depict wildly rich people and their lifestyles?  What draws us, like moths to the flame, to people otherwise not unlike you or me, that have the ability, at the drop of a hat, to travel to faraway lands, living in palatial estates, exotic cars in the garage, someone to do all the mundane things most of us do ourselves on a daily basis. Does it boil down to what is really going on inside our own mind that sets apart the rich from the poor?

Won The Lottery, But Lost The Ticket

The appreciation and longing for money certainly are not new, in fact, since the concept of money was first introduced, many have “missed the boat” while for others everything they touch seems to turn to gold.  Some people may not realize that there were actually three founders of Apple Co., Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne. Ron Wayne however sold his 10% stake in the company for $800.00  12 days after Apple started up feeling out of his league with the two other intellectual masterminds. He was later looked at as the guy who won the lottery, but lost the ticket. Over the years, Ron Wayne has always maintained in interviews that he is content with the way his life has turned since that much talked about business decision.

Something To Be Learned From Money

Not everyone can walk away from that scenario and be at peace with such a life changing decision, (we all get that) but maybe there is something to be learned from not letting the pursuit of money change and otherwise sane and healthy approach to life.  Keep in mind “nobody ever went to his grave wishing he had spent more time at the office”. Its an admiral trait to be driven and want to exceed in life, but finding that happy medium so money does dictate your happiness is key!