Don’t Let Guilt Take Over

Everyone Has Guilt Once In A While

When you feel guilty over something, it can be a completely overwhelming sensation. It is a, weighty feeling in the pit of your stomach that can literally make you sick, and can be so difficult to overcome. You feel compelled to alleviate your guilt but are so consumed in your own gloom, it becomes a challenge to get past this emotion that is draining you. Everyone has guilt once in a while in their life, whether on a small scale or big, it tends to rear its ugly head for all of us.

When you feel guilty over something, it can be a completely overwhelming sensation.

What Is The Underlying Reason For The Guilt?

If guilt has taken hold of your life, and you’ve gotten to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired from this emotion dictating how you go about your day, than your most likely ready for a change. The overwhelming feeling of guilt is difficult to end, but stop for a moment and think: what is causing the problem? What is the underlying reason for the guilt? Do you have the type of guilt that comes from your childhood, where you were taught certain beliefs and or opinions from your family, teachers, mentors etc that don't go along with your own beliefs and or opinions, so you live with underlying guilt as an adult because of it. Do you scroll through your Facebook page or see a commercial with a sick or injured animal and feel guilty you can’t save every dog or cat that needs a home. Do you live a seemingly gifted life, where pretty much everything you have, has been handed to you, but you've made no contribution to society, even though your in the position too.

Shifting Your Focus

If you can identify with any of these scenarios, than shifting your focus from what you “don’t” want in your life to what you “do” is the first step in releasing the “guilt”. The positive long-term benefits will outweigh the negative. Once you’re able to push through this self reflection, you’re going to feel a lot better about yourself and your decisions.