Does Timing Play a Role in Success?

Most everyone has heard the quote “timing is everything in life.” Many successful people attribute their livelihoods to being in the “right place at the right time.” How does timing fit in with the idea of success?

Chasing Success

Whether it’s a six-figure income, a new home or a happy marriage and family, success means different things to different people. Sometimes people spend their entire lives chasing things that spell success only to find that they’re disappointed when they finally get them. Or they find that while chasing success, they lost out on other opportunities along the way.

How many times have you heard stories of people climbing the corporate ladder to success but missing out on time with their families? Or what about stories of people in business that ignore timing and force big deals only to end up losing money?

Success takes a great deal of hard work along with some favorable timing. Timing may be a key, but without applying effort you can’t unlock the door to success.

Chasing success is trying to make things happen seemingly at all costs. You keep pushing ahead while ignoring the subtle messages of timing. While hard work and effort are admirable, success also depends on choices and opportunities that present themselves along the way. While chasing success, you might ignore those little gold mines that pop up unannounced along the way. And those little gems may have provided success more easily!

Waiting For the Right Time

The other side of chasing success is waiting for the right time. Some people are so focused on the perfect time that they forget about putting in the effort required for success. They figure if they wait around long enough, eventually success will find them. It’s like knowing that someday your ship will come in, but not taking the effort to get down to the dock!

Depending on timing alone may cause you to delay the other steps needed to achieve success. Planning and action is important too. Become too dependent on perfect timing and you may procrastinate or second-guess every step you take. Should I do this now? Is it the right time? Maybe I should wait? Questions like these will take you in circles and lead you away from success. Waiting for the right time may have you waiting forever!

Finding the Balance

Ray Kroc, the businessman who made McDonald’s restaurants famous said that “The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.”

Chasing success and waiting for the right time have to come into balance for true achievement. The effort and hard work of success coupled with good timing is like a beautiful dance. It is graceful and elegant motion that works with rhythm and balance.

So how can you find the balance for your own success? Developing awareness and improving your intuitive skills can help. Just like dancers practice movement and learn about timing, you will practice awareness and intuition.

Use your awareness to evaluate your unique skills that can help you achieve success. Are you adaptable? Organized? A good communicator? Also use your awareness to evaluate potential opportunities around you. Is there a special project at work crying out for your organizational skills? Is there a new employee that could desperately use your teaching skills? Develop your self-awareness and be aware of your surroundings. Keeping your eyes and ears open for opportunities takes effort but it can help you be ready when timing to steps in.

Improving your intuitive skills can help you sense the magical signals of timing. By becoming more intuitive you will be able to sense when conditions feel right to show off your other skills and take action. You’ll know in your gut when to talk to the boss about that special assignment or when to invest in that new business venture.

Success takes a great deal of hard work along with some favorable timing. Timing may be a key, but without applying effort you can’t unlock the door to success. Combine all your skills to open that door and achieve your dreams!