Do You Have a Frenemy?

A person who claims to be a friend, but talks behind you and is actually a rival, in every sense can be defined as a frenemy. Consider these points to ascertain if you have a frenemy.

Your Secrets Are in the Open

A person that you trust shared your deepest secrets with, spreads the information as gossip with others. To prove a point she/he exaggerates along the way. Unfortunately, before you can set the record straight, the damage has been done.

A Natural Nasty

Bitching about someone in public or on social networking sites to get a couple of high fives or followers is a hateful person. Insulting someone to her face or mocking the person in front of others is a done deal. Run away from this person immediately, if you find her/him in your midst.

A frenemy is a person who craves attention, scoffs at your negatives and positives and revels in your pain

Points Out Your Sore Points

A friend is someone who will highlight your positives and help you get past the sore points. A frenemy, on the other hand, is a person who craves attention, scoffs at your negatives and positives and revels in your pain.

It Is All About Her or Him

A person who cannot think about anyone but her/himself is probably arrogant or has a serious chip. This individual will make everything about her/him without giving you credit for your hard work.

Insensitivity Is Their USP

Being unreasonable and irrational because of an insensitive bone, they lack any feeling of remorse for the hurt they spread. They always expect people to do their bidding.

Use Humor as Their Pitch

After laughing at you, the frenemy will never bat an eyelid in telling you that this was all a joke. The natural reaction is to laugh because s/he is the belle or dude of the ball. Using caustic humor is what they thrive on, as they believe that this scores them the brownie points they d