A Condition Typically Associated With Memory Loss And Disorientation

While it is entirely possible for a person to wake up one day with amnesia, the chances of you experiencing that are very rare. Amnesia can be brought on by a wide variety of factors, ranging from physical or psychological trauma, to a stroke. A condition typically associated with memory loss and disorientation, you will no longer remember things you used to remember. It has been noticed that amnesia typically does not affect motor or language skills, but it is rather the episodic memory that is targeted.

Amnesia can be brought on by a wide variety of factors, ranging from physical or psychological trauma, to a stroke.

This Disorder Can Strike In Other Ways

Amnesia is a disorder with a broad range of ways it can affect you, depending on how much of your memory is affected. While the more reported cases involve long episodes of memory missing, this disorder can strike in other ways as well. One particular case noted a women forgot all her memories after the day was over. She was able to deal fine with the day and progress through it, but once the next day had arrived however, she had forgotten all about the one before.
A person suffering from amnesia experiences various symptoms that can be disorienting and frightening. Not only do they forget vital pieces of information about their lives and themselves, they also fail to recognize previously familiar locations.

Amnesia Can Be Brought On By Trauma

Although It is highly unlikely for a completely healthy person to wake up with amnesia, unless something had happened to them, amnesia can be brought on by trauma or disease or any intolerable life situation which causes severe psychological stress and internal conflict. As for disease, disorders such as dementia or Alzheimer’s slowly lead towards the loss of memories in people suffering from these, it is entirely possible to wake up one morning and not be able to remember who you are.

Fortunately This Condition Can Resolve Itself

This can be a devastating experience, not only for those with amnesia, but the loved ones as well. Fortunately this condition can resolve itself on it’s own with help of family and friends going through photos, videos, reliving routines etc that may have been shared. Psychotherapy and or Hypnosis treatment are also effective in recalling events to trigger the lost memory.