Going to bed with someone who does not deliver is like eating rotten eggs. You want the eggs but your taste buds have evaporated. The jury is out on this one as to whether you can have great chemistry but yucky sex. Let’s look at why this matters, anyway.

The jury is out on this one as to whether you can have great chemistry but yucky sex

Size and All That Jazz

Most men feel the pinch when they are judged by their size. Women expect a man to be great in bed because the chemistry was great when they met. Perhaps the setting was not ideal, that is why sex went down the toilet. And the size part does not really matter if the man knows how to please his partner in other ways.

Lacking in Self-Confidence

Women and men alike face this fear when they cannot bring out their best moves. A man or woman who lacks self-confidence may not be able to turn her/his partner on because of a variety of factors. If you want to try something different, get going already. Let the person know that the first time may not have been great, but the second time may be a party starter!

Good Looks Aren’t Everything

Being obsessed with how you look is one thing, but carrying this obsession to the bedroom can be a deterrent for anything orgasmic to occur. If both of you like something different, the sex is definitely going to be road kill. The bottom line, if you keep primping yourself in the mirror, anything will go downhill.

Experimentation is a Key Ingredient

The same old story can get boring. As you try something different chances are the good chemistry will translate wherever the two of you want it to be, anywhere. Give the relationship a go by experimenting. Do not let a damp squib first time be a deterrent to a long journey of hap