The Benefits of Tree Hugging!

Are you a tree-hugging hippie? We often joke about this practice when mentioning ecology and the planet, but it turns out that tree hugging is actually good for your health. According to a newly published book, Blinded by Science, author Matthew Silverstone proves that trees can improve our well-being.

There is something about green spaces that we find so healing and appealing.

What Can Tree Hugging Do?

According to the author’s research, hugging a tree can help a number of health issues including: ADHD, depression and other forms of mental illness.

Cozying up to a tree can also help improve your concentration and reaction times. It’s even been found that hugging a tree can alleviate headaches. Wow!

Other studies have shown the positive physiological and psychological benefits from spending time in nature and among plants. There is something about green spaces that we find so healing and appealing.

Why Tree Hugging Works

Based on previous studies, many scientists theorized that the open green spaces produced these beneficial effects. Matthew Silverstone however, found that trees (and plants) themselves create healing benefits. It’s all based on vibrations.

You’ve probably heard that everything vibrates. And you likely know that certain vibrations affect us. After all, don’t you feel different “vibes” when you’re in a beautiful park compared to a dark, enclosed cubicle? That’s just one example. Scientists have proven that drinking water charged with a 10Hz vibration can change blood coagulation rates as soon as you drink it.

Well, trees have a similar effect. Their vibrational patterns influence our own. When you come in contact with a tree, its vibrations will change certain behaviors in your body. Apparently tree vibes are great for calming you down and restoring mental balance.

How Do You Hug a Tree?

It sounds like a silly question. You obviously go up to a tree and put your arms around it, right? Sure, that’s one way to do it, but you can also do it with more conscious awareness. This way you not only take energy from the tree, but also give it back. Here’s how to do it.

Go up to a tree you resonate with and hug it for a good five minutes or more. Then turn around and lean your back against the tree until you feel a change in energy. After you’re done, say thank you to the tree or leave an offering. It’s good for both of you!